Machine Washing

Most of our all-natural styles can be machine-washed, with the exception of a few. Always refer to your pieces's care label before washing.

When machine-washing, always turn your knits inside out before adding to your machine (this will help prevent pilling), and always go for the cool, wool-wash setting.


Wash ALL your natural knitwear (including your pure & blended pieces) in gentle, enzyme-free detergent.



Avoid shrinking & warping by carefully drying your knitwear. Never hang your damp knitwear to dry. Instead, dry it upon & over something, like a clothes airer.

We do not accept liability for garments incorrectly laundered.


All-natural fibres naturally intertwine with wear, resulting in pilling.

Whilst this can be a bit of a pain to remove, it does authenticate your piece’s natural credentials. And remember the softer the yarn, the more likely it is to pill.

Bobbling is temporary, it will stop once your piece has shed all its shorter fibres. After your garments have been washed in the machine a few times their fibres should strengthen, which will lessen pilling.